To blog perchance to dream

Hello word press, we meet at last.

My old blog has fallen by the wayside and been but on hold. I have no issues with Blogger other than it not having a iPhone app to update it and add photos.

This blog will not just be about my personal photography but will include video too. Recently I have been freelancing with a couple of corporate and wedding video production companies and it’s been great! I love this middle ground area which gives me the freedom to NOT be a monday to Friday 9 to 5 person, but with lowered levels of pressure with be the business side of being freelance.

As a self employed person I must also learn to be a better businessman. I’m slowly finding a more stable working platform from which I can learn business strategies and such forth from already successful people whilst putting some food on the table.

I will set myself a goal to update my blog once a week on a Friday and talk about what I’ve learned this week. My writing skills are still somewhat lacking so please bare with me and feel free those of you literary warriors out there to get the Red Pen out and correct me on mistakes I make in writing these blogs.


"Just a little bit of stalking"

This week I have mostly been pondering the world of black and white and monochrome photography. What is it about black and white photos that really make an impact. When a photographer is critiqued one of the things asked is “how does that object add to the image?” So if that bottle of cola on the table doesn’t add to the image of your Dad, then you remove it by either recomposing the shot so that you can no longer see the bottle or you physically remove it from the table. Does this ring true with black and white photography too? Is colour an element that if it plays no part in the impact of the image should it, like the bottle of cola, be removed? Further reading is needed and maybe the great Ansel Adams has the answer?

Till next week. I will leave you with one more image taken at a wedding I filmed at the weekend.


"The faeries where at the party too"



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