Red Hot Chili Peppers

So… I was supposed to be reviewing my black and white photo’s but things got in the way.

RHCP at KOKO's London September 2nd 2011

Firstly, finding work; so had to organise a few interviews and meetings and other such useful stuff. Then I got distracted by being selected to receive two tickets to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers! So it’s not all bad!

big fish, little fish....

The gig was awesome, I really enjoyed myself and even managed to take my camera into the gig. How awesome was that? I’d like to say that it’s my ninja skills, but I think I just got lucky.

Lets try a flickr slide show.

(edit: flickr embedded slide show FAIL! But still, click the link and you’ll see it)

The gig was so much fun and as you can see we got a killer view from above the sound desk. That band have so much energy! Love the new songs, but it was great to hear a few of the classics. You’ll notice one of the photo’s I made has a setlist, unfortunately it was changed half way through, so their was no under the bridge.

Hopefully a few of these photo’s may even turn up on

Flea starts to Hulk out!

Oh and i found a way to promote my google plus account just go to That’s right tinyURL to the rescue again! What a great little website.

Got a few days of busy coming up. But will get back to my black and white photography shortly.



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