The best camera

You always hear the question “what’s the best camera” and the answer I hear from photographers is usually the same. This answer was never truer than the other day.

For those who don’t know I’m a freelance camera operator. A lot of my work happens to be corporate events, videoing conferences and such forth. This was quite a big event and the company I was contracted with really wanted to impress the organiser. So we had everything with us, including bunch of hd video cameras and several DSLR’s; the canon 5d mk ii and my nikon d7000.

Whilst sat on a break with everything all neatly packed away next to me. I looked down and saw a smiling face beaming back up at me. This reminded me of Laura Babb’s photo challenge of taking photos of faces in unexpected places for this month. So out came my iPhone and I snapped a few pictures.

The Cookie Monsters estranged cousin... Water Monster.

I then turned to unpack one of the other cameras to get a “better shot” and before I’d even touched a zip on the bag an enthusiasts young usher for the event cleared the unsightly box out of my way with apologies for it being in my way.

I could have asked him to put it back or I could have got a few other bottles and recreated the shot possibly with a nicer composition and maybe on a table with more light. But the moment was lost and I kinda felt like i might be cheating on the challenge if I’d set the shot up.

If you didn’t already know the answer to the question posed above is of cause “the camera you have on you.” Even with all that photographic equipment sat at my feet the iPhone was the best camera I had at that moment.



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