I heard someone say that an image isn’t finished until it’s shared. Well i’ve been trying out sharing my photo’s as slideshows on youtube.

I use aperture 3’s built in slideshow maker to create the slideshows. But if you have iPhoto it does a very similar job.

Finding music was always the hard part of making a slideshow due to youtube’s strict copyright policies. However I found this little gem of a website called It’s full of music licensed under creative commons attribution which means that you can use the music in what ever way you want as long as Kevin MacLeod gets a credit on the video.

Would love to know how you like to present your work.



3 thoughts on “Presentation

      • B&W is supposed to be better with film, because of the tonal range and grainy effects but I don’t have enough experience with it to know if I could do it succesfully! 😉 I do have a 35mm SLR though…

        I insisted on a photographer who would take 35mm as well as digital for my wedding. I am such as photo snob! 🙂 (wasn’t prepapred to pay extra for other formats LOL)

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