DIY Macro

Here is a slideshow I made this week. The music is by the epic Kevin MacLeod (

I really enjoyed taking these images. I placed the flowers in a product cube and snapped away. I used a cheap £5 converter to reverse my 50mm 1.8 lens and create the macro effect on the second half of the images. Considering how cheap the adapter was I was so impressed with the results. Beware anyone thinking of doing this though as when I had finished with the adapter I became aware that it had jammed onto my camera and no matter how much I tried to twist the ring it would not let go of my precious camera. In the end I needed to purchase a jam jar opener, the end result was the adapter was now unusable, and to be fair i don’t know how likely I would be to try it on my camera again after the ordeal I want through to remove it in the first place.

I suppose I’ll just have to save up and get myself a dedicated macro lens, the 105 2.8f looks rather nice.

Have you tried out DIY macro photography yourself? I’d love to know how you faired. Please leave a comment below in this blog or a link to your blog post on DIY macro photography.

Look forward to reading your thoughts, not psychically.



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