Hanging time

Hanging time

I think my time has been hanging recently… I need to kick myself up the bottom and DO more with my images. And that goes the same for everyone.

Why don’t we show off the photo’s, display our artwork, play someone your music? Are we scared someone might like them?

Gordon C Burns

PS; today’s image was brought to you by Silver Efex Pro 2 from Nik Software and a healthy dose of anti-procrastination.


7 thoughts on “Hanging time

  1. I too really think you did a great job on this image. I am not that enamored with the people in the background, and personally think thats its only shortcoming, if at all. would be proud to have that image. good work. was that at some sort of craft/art show?

  2. tick tack…the hands of the clock are whispering as they see the time go by….get closer and listen carefully ,they are talking to you….and if you pay attention you easly could hear what they are telling you…..just litsen….

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