Do I need a D800?

Do I need a D800?

Well I definitely know I want one. After talking to the Nikon team today and getting hands on with this camera, i’m very excited. There are so many things I like about it. I love the 36 mega pixel sensor. I adore the uncompressed video output. The new Expeed 3 processor will render your huge images faster and with less noise than the current d700.

I love my D7000’s 3D matrix focusing, and the new mark 3 update can lock onto a subject with such precession it can identify by a person’s facial features the direction they are traveling and distinguish between people of different hair colour… pretty awesome.

Also the focus in low light is astounding… feel free to add that 2X teleconverter to your 400mm f4 it’ll still focus.

The increased resolution of the sensor means you have to use the best glass… and have you noticed that over the last few years nikon have been producing killer kick-ass zoom lenses which out perform the older prime lenses in sharpness. The new 14-24, 24-70, and 70-200 f2.8 lenses are made for this camera. Adding 36 mega pixels is no last minute rush. This has been on the card for a long time, Nikon have been playing it slow.

So before you think “Oh I can stretch to £2400 for a camera body” remember that you’ll need the lenses to go with it too. So ask your self the big questions… Think about the benefits of buying a new camera. What specific features will it give you and your current photographic business model that you can market and earn from? And more importantly how big is your printer, because your going to need a bigger roll of paper.

So do I need a D800? Nope. Do I want a D800? Defiantly! Will I work my ass off to improve my own photographic business so I can get to that level? You can bet your bottom dollar I will.

Heres to the future…

Gordon C Burns

p.s. I have not spoken about the D800E… well that is a different beast, one of which I may talk about soon. If you ask nicely.


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