New perspective…

New perspective.


Yay I got a fisheye lens for my iPhone. And it’s kind of invigorated my iPhoneography. How can this be? Well sometimes you need to look at things with a new perspective. This can help with so many things. Whether you are just trying to reinvigorate your photography or see the solution to a personal issue.

Having a browse through 500px I saw some killer fish eye and super wide angle images. I couldn’t afford it but decided to take a window shop through amazon. Just so I could see how much I needed to save up.


Whilst on my virtual shopping spree I saw an iPhone wide angle adaptor. The pictures uploaded to the page looked great and I’ve heard people say great things about Olloclip iPhone adapters on instagram. However a £60 price tag was a bit steep on this side of payday. So I did what most people do. Popped it into the basket so I could review it later after payday. 

“Other people who viewed this item also viewed…”

And there I saw it. What looked like the same thing for just £20. The £££ popped into my eyes and I grabbed that bargain. After my spontaneous purchase I reviewed the reviews, which where all good, I looked at the sample pictures and they where all good, I looked at the £40 saving and that was good. Logic dictates that all was good. 



So my ollcollp turns up in the post a few days later. The box does look a touch rubbish. But who cares. I’m not buying a Fuji X100 or an iPad or any other of those products which the fancy box, packaging and “expirence” are worth doubling the price for.

The adaptor has 3 features.

Fish eye




Here’s the normal shot for comparison. 


And here’s a Macro;


Okay it’s not perfect. But it was only £20 and the images look no different from the £60 one.

I’ve got a goal for myself. To see things with a new perspective. To broaden my field of view. Inspired by my iPhone accessory.



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