White Balance Issues

So night photography. I had a few hours to kill one night (by hours to kill read: I had bucket tonnes of work but needed to do something of my own and blow off some steam).

So, I strolled to the Heath armed with my tripod and camera, as the sky darkened I saw a few stars twinkle and dance. I wanted to capture them like I did up north. Arcing streaks of billions of stars leaving their mark on my sensor as the city lights shone below.

I fired off a few test shots and then I saw the effect that light pollution has on the sky. I was kind of miffed. I had an idea that I wanted to repeat my success up north and expand upon it. Now I find this wall in the way. One which I can’t fix. I can photoshop out a spot, stitch many images to create a seamless 120 megapixel landscape, create a HDR image for a magical looking image, use filters to make the clouds pop with texture, but I cannot turn off the millions of lights in the big sprawling city before me burning into the sky. All these different sources of light messed with my cameras white balance so I tried a few different presets.

As the exposure progressed for 30 seconds I can see in every direction the graduation of light from the ground to a murky starless darkness. And as I looked at an image of a tree with this gradient of light behind it I saw a beauty which was created by a mistake, I had set the white balance wrong. In an instant I changed my mind. Restructured my ideas and formed the beginnings of a portfolio.

And here is the first image.

More images coming soon.

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