My little secret. The Fujifilm x100

When you think of quality digital cameras on the market. The average consumer will usually pick out Nikon or Canon or maybe even Sony. But rarely does Fuji get a mention. They where/are giants of the film world. Fujichrome Velvia springs to mind as wonderful film stock known the world over.

My dirty little secret is that I loved and converted the Fuji X100 when it came out before last Xmas. I saw the images the camera could take and was blown away. A few things niggled at the back of my mind. Firstly was the shutter lag. The x100 was a touch slow. Now for most people that wasn’t an issue, however as I played with the camera more I just found the speed of it lacked what I would have liked to see. Couple that with the autofocus issues linked with the original firmware and it lost some of the appeal for myself.

Once again I quantify this with this is my personal thoughts at the time of release.

After seeing skilled photographers take ample amazing images I started to lust after it somewhat more. However due to finances I have yet to take the plunge. Maybe I was waiting for something better.

Image linked from Petapixel (

the fuji x100s… isn’t it lovely

Now that wait is over. The Fuji x100s was announced yesterday (then the link was taken down). All of my original issues with the camera where resolved. All of the bits I loved about it improved beyond what I thought.

Best you read about the gritty details here. I for one will be waiting in anticipation.


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