Snow day!

I’m such a kid in the snow… the day i whinge about the snow is the day I realise I’m growing up. Those that know me are aware of how likely that is of happening and for those that don’t know me… Hello, my name is Gordon and I’m a big kid!

So after a little walk in the snow the other day taking images, I decided I wanted to make some images. Notice the difference there… First let’s look at the images I took the other day.

I wanted to take images on a theme and Laura with her Purple coat really stood out from the white of the snow. I felt the images where quite cinematic so created a colour grade to give a bit of a hollywood effect, similar to what i’d do if i was grading video.

After Shooting these I decided to make some images. So i put out the call and found a lovely lady who was interested in shooting in the snow. Following is a quick sample image form today’s shoot, very minimal editing pretty much a Jpeg from the camera.

2013 © Gordon C Burns

Taken just a few hours ago with minimal editing. 2013 © Gordon C Burns

Stay tuned as I shall blog the Scarlet shoot shortly.


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