Noisy Images.

I love taking images at concerts and gigs. I really enjoy capturing the raw energy of a musical performance from practically any genre of music. You’ve really gotta know your camera and how well it performs in low light as some venues are pretty dark. At a gig i find that using a flashgun can not only make your images look flat and boring, but it can ruin the ambiance that the stage lighting makes, not to mention blind the acts and distract them.

I once shot a gig lit with nothing but fairy lights and candles. You can’t be scared to push your camera to the limits and beyond especially when you listen to good musicians who aren’t scared to push the boundaries of what they love to do.

view the rest of the images on my facebook page.

Tech Talk

Most of these images where shot between 1600 and 3200 ISO so things got a bit noisy. Talking of noise, I have recently moved over from Aperture 3, a mac only software, to Lightroom 4 made by Adobe, the makers of Photoshop, and the noise reduction software on that is OUT OF THIS WORLD! I now feel so much more confident shooting my camera at 3200 iso or higher knowing that the software I use has got my back.


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