Kindle Colour Calibration and general low quality control.

Just wondering if anyone else has an Amazon Kindle Fire HD. I got the 32 gig version for Christmas and love it. I recently subscribed to Photograph Magazine by Craft and Vision. I have also signed up for and downloaded many PDF style books and I wanted something bigger than my iPhone yet more portable than my hulking MacBook Pro. As an added bonus, having a tablet made it so much easier for me to catch up on blogs. Just a few clicks and my RSS feed was right in front of me. On top of all that several useful apps which I was not expecting to be available on a Kindle where right there and synced online content between my iPhone and Kindle. For those of you who haven’t tried Flip Board yet then you are missing out!

My original Kindle Fire HD felt sturdy and well built. The screen had great colour quality and the contrast was pretty compatible to my calibrated computer monitor and iphone. I was chuffed to bits with it, until it went faulty. The battery started to drain to empty in an hour in standby mode and it would not connect to my computer via USB to transfer documents between the devices. So a quick call to Amazon, who were supper friendly and efficient, and a new kindle turned up the next day.


Yay you’d think. After a quick look at the screen it just did not seem the same. The contrast was really poor, giving very flat looking images, also the case felt loose at the back and it popped like a jam jar lid. When it popped the edge of the LCD screen rippled. Now you’d expect this to happen if you touched a Flat screen TV or your laptop monitor, however a device designed to be touched, I would presume the LCD screen would be protected from such pressures. The quality I felt on my first Kindle was missing from this device.


I’ve now had quite a few Kindle replacements. Each with a screen colour or build quality that didn’t match up with my first Kindle. Amazon have been so helpful with the replacement of this device however I worry that the quality control is somewhat lacking. All I want is a kindle which was as good as the first.

I would love to hear your experience with the Kindle Fire HD good or bad!

Gordon C Burns


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