Rockabilly Camden

Just a quick and belated blog to share these Rockabilly images with you all. We where hopping for a warmer day than this. But the weather stayed cold and as I look out the window it’s still looking quite inhospitable.

Cecilia Ruth is a new model on the scene looking at simultaneously breaking into both Alt Modeling and Politics, and why not? And what a pleasure it is to work with a make up artist on a shoot for this we had Erika

Had a lot of fun shooting this set.

Now I kept the post possessing pretty clean, except for one shot. The temptation was there to put retro washes over the image but I like them as they are, I think I Instagram too much and am getting a little over-saturated by  low contrast images and under-saturated images.

As per usual please feel free to comment and let me know what you think?



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