Details for Gig Photography

Getting that killer shot during a gig is hard work, but after a few years of practice you get a knack for capturing the right moments. Anticipating and waiting, then snap, you’ve got the moment. However I see so many gig images which although are good, kind of miss the atmosphere. We’re all after that shot as the singer belts his heart and soul into the microphone, when the drummers piercing stare lances out into the audience, or that shot of the guitarist jumping into the air back-lit by the stage lights.


Gig photography at the Barfly in Camden, London

But what about the details? Those little moments which help to piece the story together? Now the image above doesn’t scream “The Standards” that what the other images from the set do. This images shows a detail. Neil, the singer and guitarist, reaching down to adjust his peddles. It’s a small thing but I like my images to tell a story.

Not every shot has to be an extreme close-up of the lead singer wailing into a microphone. Let’s vary things up a bit and add some flavor to an image set.


You can see more of these images on my FACEBOOK page. And view my portfolio on my website


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