The Bohemianauts

The Bohemianauts; An awesome band with an awesome name. Check out their facebook <—- here.

ImageAnother insanely dark venue, the Metal Works in Islington, London. ISO’s were up the wazoo  but I still haven’t found an easy way to use remote flash at a gig and make it look good (any bands wanna be a Guinea Pig drop me an email – there’s a free shoot in it for you?).

This was all part of the Make Believe Festival’s, Goblin King’s Maquerade Ball. It was such a crazy mix of performers, live bands, and people in fantastic outfits! Check out my facebook to see the images as they get sorted plus the rest of the Bohemianauts set.


In such low light situations black and white becomes your friend. Traditionally in the days of film grainy high contrast black and white film was the mainstay of dark jazz bars. And I still love that black and white look. I find it removes distractions and allows the performers expression to become the key focus of the image.

The band was such a blast to bounce around to I highly recommend checking them out. Here’s a link to their website


Technical Camera Stuff (read this part if you like cameras)

When shooting high ISO’s you reduce your camera’s dynamic range. So always bare in mind when getting the shot’s framed that if something is over exposed even a small amount it is likely that you will loose detail. So try to shoot in RAW and that should give you a bit of wiggle room when editing the images later.

Another thing to consider is that coloured stage lights can play havoc with your camera’s white balance. I suggest picking a white balance preset and sticking to it to help keep uniformity in your shots. I usually start with tungsten and give it a quick check by popping on the camera’s “live view” mode and seeing how it looks.

Gear-wise the best low light performance comes from full frame cameras and aperture 2.8 or better lenses. Those taking their first steps into photography will find the price of such equipment to be a bit daunting. If you want to take the first steps into this sort of work get yourself a 50mm 1.8 lens. For most camera brands you’l find then for around £100 which for a fast lens is really cheap.

Hope that may help anyone interested into delving into gig photography. If you have questions pop them into the comments and i’ll gather them all up and do a Q and A post.


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