Gig Photography – Une Nuit De Bruit

London Gig photography

As a photographer with a passion for live music I get asked to attend quite a few events. Une Nuit de Bruit was one such event. To say it was different was an understatement. I’m unsure if I should call it music, it was, in many, ways a totally different form of expression and art.

It was so refreshing to hear people creating auidio art in a different way, visually the night seemed the usual affair, a man standing at a microphone playing the viola. But this soon escalated into an extravagant cacophony. Distorted guitars mixed with tribal bells, flutes danced around the amplified sounds of springs jangling, and sine waves where beaten into submission and sieved through an old Sony walk-man. The craftsmanship was something out of this world. To explain it in words is quite hard for someone who is both dyslexic and a visual thinker, but here is one sample recorded on the night by raxil4 ( each set was totally different and improvised.

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Gordon C Burns


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