Canon 5d mark iii RAW video – TECH TALK

canon 5dmk3RAWIt’s not often on my blog that I go full geek on you guys, but this has just blown my mind. Usually I just try to talk about the images rather than the tech, but the game has just changed in the world of video. The Canon 5d mk iii DSLR has just evolved.

Most dSLR camera’s nowadays shoot video to various degrees of quality. With the Canon and Nikon flagship camera’s leading the way, the Canon 5d mk iii and the Nikon d800. The nikon from release has had uncompressed output. This means if you plug in a separate HDMI solid state recorder (like the Atmos NINJA) into the camera it will deliver the highest quality video files, now this beats hands down the Canon which has been the front-line choice in the indie video directors arsenal. Until now.

As stated above, with the Nikon you need to connect another device to create the uncompressed video output adding a further £700 to the £2000 you just spent on the camera body alone (remember to add another £2000 for lenses). Those cleaver clogs over at Magic Lantern have managed to hack the Canon 5D mk iii. Unlocking the censor to achieve this uncompressed video output, direct onto the memory card. Better still there is a variety of resolutions which go above 1080p, 3k resolution and my personal favorite the epically cinematic 2.5k (2560 x 720) video!

View the videos below to see how awesome the footage looks. And hop on over the the dude at Cinema 5D for a how to guide on getting this to work on your 5d mark3. As per usual with firmware hacks you do this at your own risk. People are wondering if this is a game changer for video? In the indie film market I think canon are back on the top again.

Thanks everyone for letting me spout on about techno geekery. Normal service will resume shortly!

Gordon C Burns


The video’s which are not mine!


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