iPhone Sunday – Panoramic Photography

Sometimes when you have a sweeping vista before you the only option is to make a Panorama!

Now I could reach for my dSLR and snap a sequence of images trying my best to keep the shot level without a tripod and then import them into photoshop and stich them together Giving em a masive image file that I can print on a wall!. Or I could take the easy route, after all I’m just showing them images on a computer screen.

The easiest way to achieve my goal is to reach for my iPhone. The built in camera op makes damn good panoramic images. And they’re pretty large to boot. The pixel count on these suckers is 22 mega-pixels big enough for you? For a comparison The panoramic images I make and print 8 foot wide are usually 60 megapixels from my dSLR. So I would reckon you’d get a good 3 foot image maybe more from such an image.

London Panoramic - Gordon C BurnsBut let’s look further. What other options are there? Well it’s an iPhone so you’ll find a bucket load of apps out there. My app of choice is 360Panorama and it’s available for both iPhone and Android! Here is what the app creates.


It is a fully interactive 360 degree image. I love the tactile nature of this, you can just hop on in and explore the scene. You can aslo have fun and play around with the image and create one of my favorite things EVER! It’s a planet! And they come out square so they’re perfect for instagram! Yay!

london world

Hope you enjoyed our little Sunday stroll through my iPhone. If your wondering what I was doing on a roof of a London tower block you’ll have to stay tuned and I shall share all with you shortly.

Do you take panoramic images? If so what do you use to make your images?

Gordon C Burns

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