Rhiannon Ishmael – Portfolio Shoot

What an interesting and productive week! Loads of shoots and bookings organised, plus a personal project which has been sat on the back burner has been given renewed inspiration and life. I shall have to keep quite a bit longer on that one, but as those who check my Facebook page know it has something to do with animal masks (drop me a line if you know someone who can help source some cool masks).

So onto the big shoot of the week which was with Rhiannon. She is a footballer currently playing for Queens Park Rangers FC and is about to travel over to america with a sports scholarship. I think I just started to feel old… The location for this shoot is somewhere I’ve been trying to reuse for over a week and finally it all sort of fell together at the right time. Seriously in the UK in the summer don’t EVER plan for a sunny day. The plan with this shot was originally to use strobes to balance out the harsh direct sunlight. And as you can see from the earlier images we did just that… then the clouds rolled on in. They thickened up like someone started to stir in some gravy granules. With the more dramatic clouds I adjusted the lights to give a more dramatic result. I think this really did help with the little theme we had set up; “Climbing to the top.”

As per usual I wont go into the tech side of things but if you’ve got any questions please leave them in the comments or direct them towards my google plus page which is very photographer and geek friendly!

Talk soon guys and girls

Gordon C Burns



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