Street Studio 2: Preview

The deserted Camden Stables market place was my studio for the day.

The other day I had a shoot with a wonderful model and actress, Becky Couzens. This shoot happened mostly around The Stables Market in Camden. We were kindly given permission to shoot around here until the stalls started to open at 11am. So, with coffee in hand I met up with Esther, a photographer I have worked alongside on several occasions in my other guise as a video camera operator. The call time was 9am, we had a few minutes to kill so we took a walk around the deserted market stalls to pick out some locations.

I love working with creative people, they come brimming with ideas and a spider headdress! Becky suggested she wanted to shoot by the Cyberdog statues and I though it would make a great ‘ice breaker’ shoot,  as we had not had the chance to meet beforehand.

I always try to do the first couple of shots based on the model’s preferences and suggestions, this helps her to feel more relaxed. As we shot these I imagined this giant sentinel looming over protecting young Becky.

This image was always going to be a composite image as I would have to Photoshop Esther out of the frame (She ably assisted with all of these images by controlling the lights for me). But as the photoshop bug takes over and I start to tidy up the image by layering wooden panels from one image to another, covering up the light stand, I started to go to town

on this image!

The sky was flat and grey so that had to go. Luckily I had some epic sky images from my shoot with Rhiannon from the other week (LINK). FinallyI added a lighting strike freely provided under Creative Commons by SP-Photography Stock on Deviant art (LINK).

Stay tuned for the full set from this super fun shoot!






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