Preview: BlueJaz

Well, what a summer we’re finally having! It’s amazing the amount of people who I have heard complain about the heat. To be fair, it is a bit on the toasty side.

Anyway onto Philosophy student BlueJaz. She’s just starting out in modelling, so to add some variety to her portfolio we picked a range of summer outfits and went out to catch the evening sun.

We originally connected on another project but decided on a little test shoot as we both had a free day. It’s a really good idea before a project to have a test shoot. Just something short and simple. It’s a great way to connect with the model plus get a few extra portfolio shots for the both of you.

Gordon C Burns

Pro Tip when shooting in the summer. Stay out of the midday sun. Firstly you’re going to roast your model, and secondly it’s not flattering light. There’s 3 ways to handle those situations. Shade, fill flash or a reflector. Stay tuned to the blog as I’ll be doing some posts on how to get better images yourself while shooting in the summer.

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