Gothic Fashion Portrait

Frankenanda: Gothic Portrait

Here is another portrait of Frankenanda; Gothic model, and Animation student. I really enjoyed the challenge of creating a fully working studio in the trees. We had three working lights with all the modifiers. I’m still really enjoying the liberation of being able to now shoot anywhere. I can comfortable set up in an office, or someone’s home or a deserted building (I’m looking for one by the way, if you know of one in London we can get into drop me a line).

This is one of my favourite images from the whole set along with the multiplicity shot and the one I’ll post shortly (I’m such a tease). Frankenanda’s styling is brilliant from her make-up, to her attitude to her outfits and accessories. And also contrary to my usual image sharing workflow I have shared this image in it’s large 12 or so mega-pixel glory for people who like to give images a good view on a large screen.

Got any questions? Then please feel free to leave them on the comments section.

Gordon C Burns

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