1) My Three Wishes Festival: Terry English

1) Terry English

2013 © Gordon C Burns www.gordoncburns.com

Terry is the Queens official armourer and he has made armour for many movies. Clash of the Titans, Sucker Punch, Harry Potter, Excalibur and Robin Hood to name but a few. He sells fantastic pieces at these festivals, everything from replica armour through to jewellery made form the off cuts of famous actors armour (sat not to far from me tight now is a necklace made from an off-cut of Liam Neeson’s armour in Clash of the TItans). Anyway this image was made as Terry gave one of his talks. These are unmissable. His stories include tales of drinking with Sean Connery (and almost getting shot), rebelling in the Vatican, being chums with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Helen Mirren in the nip!

Not to be missed anywhere.

CLICK FOR MY NEXT FAVOURITE IMAGE -> (Ready at 16:30 today)

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