Summer Faery Portraits

During the awesome Three Wishes Faery Festival 2013 I took a few moments between the bands and event photos to snap a few portraits. This was so much fun! I’d love to spend a whole festival just shooting the portraits of the faery’s and the magical people attending. Did you see the official images from the festival? Check them out HERE!

I really enjoyed this opportunity just getting people to embody their inner Fae! Must confess to a few of these images being fuelled by a smidgen of rum! The images with the grey background where made as we sheltered from some rain while we waited for the legendary Dolmen to rock the main stage! All this was lit with off camera flash through umbrella’s on small light weight stands. Little tip for anyone doing this in an open field is bring along some left over tent pegs to stop the stands blowing over. It’s amazing what you can do with a really portable set up. All this fits into a reasonable sized camera bag.

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Talk soon guys,

Gordon C Burns

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