Interior and Real Estate photography

Shooting interiors is hard work, it takes skill to balance the natural light spilling through the window as it mixes with the yellow tungsten light from your lightbulbs. Give it a go yourself right now try to get a photo of part of your living room or office and get the interior and the view outside the window exposed correctly. Some of you smarty pants know about HDR (high dynamic range) photography and some smart phones have that feature built in, which help out in that regard.

I’ve seen so many bad shots (especially now is we’re house hunting ourselves). Either the images aren’t wide enough or the lighting is terrible. Or there’s lens flare coming through the window.

Now interior shots are important, you can’t really cheap out on them. When was the last time you brought something from the shops and the packaging had a terrible photo on it (pound stores are not included in this)? The first bite is with the eye they say. And this is true with any advertising images.

Firstly you need to tackle the size of a room. Set your camera as wide as it goes. Can you fit it all in shot? Probably not without specialist super wide angle lenses. Or learning to photo-stitch your images into a panoramic.

Secondly the lighting. You can HDR your images but this is all about speed. You really want to get the images to the client as soon as possible.

So how do you expose the lighting correctly throughout the building? I use portable strobes. They’re battery powered and quite small, so can be hidden behind things to help evenly illuminate a room. I trigger them with wireless transceivers, however you can get some that trigger from the on camera flash. I find triggers less troublesome, but that’s probably just because that’s what I’m used to.

And the finished results are large looking, well presented and evenly lit rooms.


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