iPhone SUNDAY Monday

I do like to play with my iPhone and experiment with images. Whilst on the train today I was thinking. I wonder what would happen if I try a panoramic shot from the window with the train moving?


The panoramic mode on the phone is designed for you to sweep your arm across the scene to capture a wide angle image. In this image I used the trains momentum to confuse the device into thinking I was sweeping the camera.

This is a 20 something megapixel monster of an image, you should be able to view the original sized image by clicking on it. Processed with Snapseed and Pixlromatic, two of the few apps I know of that don’t compress images to a smaller size.

I know it’s not perfect but if you don’t experiment and push the boundaries of your equipment and your knowledge you’ll never fine new awesome ways to express yourself or your art.

Have you got any cool iPhone image taking techniques? Share in the comments below.

Talk soon,
Gordon C Burns


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