Olive Cartley

So, a summer photo shoot in summer in England. What can go wrong?


For this shoot I was lucky enough to work along side a very experienced model. The original brief was for summery weather, dresses and attitude accompanied by summery parks, trees and water fountains. Firstly I have to say top marks to Olive Cartley who was a ray of sunshine through out the whole shoot and great to work with. We shot in Regents Park which was great to shoot in everything is always so well kept there. However I’m looking for the negative feedback form for the weather.

2013 © Gordon C Burns www.gordoncburns.com

Saying that though I actually like cloud cover and love the soft light which falls down  creating beautiful even lighting and minimal ground shadows. For the shot above we found a location where to the left there is a small path (out of shot) through the hedge which lets the light spill out over the model giving us a this beautiful gradation of light coming from the left.

There are plenty more images form this shoot which, for a change, I shall upload over a few days rather than all in one. We shot in several locations and used a few different styles of photography to spice up the mix and to overcome the weather.



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