One Moment – The Artist

Just thought I’d share a few of my subtle black and white images in a section I’m going to call One Moment. A single frame which tells a big picture. Not too sure yet if I’ll dive into my archive or if I’ll only show new images, I’ll play this one by ear.

The Artist 1080

Laura Daligan works late on a personal project. A daylight balanced desk lamp illuminating her and her cup of tea. The sound of the pencil sketching on the thick wooden board, which is the medium for this piece, and Medusa starts to form and stare out of the corner of the room.

I always envy how a creative artist can use a range of paper/surfaces/textures to build their image upon. In the modern age photography seems to only be viewed on overly bright and flat monitors and iPhone screens. I think I need to do some more printing of my images on different papers to bring some texture into my work.

Gordon C Burns


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