Becky Couzens

Becky Couzens

A natural portrait of model and actor Becky Couzen. Usually dressed as the flamboyant princess or dark Gothic model, she arrives ready to be zombiefied for a shoot late last week, in jeans and tee-shirt. However due to an unfortunate turn of events, I turned up with a model and an assistant photographer. But the people organising the shoot failed to inform me that it was called off. Such are the risks of shooting TFP (Time For Print).

So we took this time in the park to experiment with lighting and try out a bit of portraiture and for Fanny, the assistant photographer, to get to play with some of my lighting gear.

I’m so pleased that Becky was with us and even without make-up and her characters she allowed her natural self to shine through. You can see more of Becky on her facebook page [HERE]

Gordon C Burns


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