iPhone Sunday – Presentation.

Sometimes a simple border helps to set an image apart. When presenting images on the Internet you never know what background colour an image can be presented on.

You see an image on a black background would look darker and seem to have more contrast than a picture on a white background.


So that’s why I chose the Grey for my border. It’s a neutral colour that doesn’t sway the eye one way or another. Anyone out there use Lightroom or aperture. Notice the interface is grey? Even photoshop has joined suit and make its interface darker. Now I won’t bore you with the technical aspects of 18%grey but those who know just stoked there metaphorical beards. Its okay, admit it. I did.

Hopefully you’ve seen the posts over the last few weeks (if not, why aren’t you subscribed to this blog?) and noticed the way I present my images. I have taken this presentation and attempted to make something similar with iPhone apps for my Instagram images.

So we now have something like this.




I like unifying my presentation. I’ve experimented with things in the past and it just didn’t work. And on-top of a nice presentation I’ve taken my watermark off the actual image which I know some people don’t like.

What do you think?

Gordon C Burns


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