Studio? Where we’re going we don’t need a Studio.

Yes the title is a rip on a Back to the Future quote. But it sums up my feelings about studio shooting quite well.

It has now been over 6 months since I last set foot in a proper studio for a photo-shoot. I have been enjoying shooting on location, capturing the environment in the frame and using the City of London as my studio. Be it shooting in a skate-park, office setting, Camden Market, Hampstead Heath or on a rooftop, this is been a very freeing time for my photography.

Don’t get me wrong I feel that there is still need for a proper working studio and if needed I simply rent one. It makes things so much easier. Someone else tests the equipment, someone else has to clean the scuff marks of the white floor at the end, and even some studios provide you with an assistant inclusive in the deal! However for my portrait work I really strive to enthuse the client with my idea of shooting the setting and location which suits them best.

And sometimes a plain simple backdrop is needed.


None of these images where made in a studio. In order of appearance we have; a white living room wall, a white cloth backdrop in a rehearsal space and a white wall of a tent in a field.

Equipment is becoming smaller and smaller and more and more portable and easier to set up. With my little portable backdrop I can now set up a “Studio” anywhere. Either using an available white wall or using a cloth backdrop. And on top of all this cool gear I now have a new tool to my arsenal.

laura 03 - pop up studio, Camden, london

This was shot in my kitchen. It took just a few minutes to set up and instantly Laura Daligan has a new image of her new haircut.

Gordon C Burns


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