Missy Poison – Preview

A quick preview from Missy Poison… due to a quantum fluke you’ll be seeing more of this location in the next few blog posts from a previous photo shoot.

It was fantastic having a quick shoot with Missy Poison. She has a fantastic depth of character which she can draw upon. I have some cracking out-takes which under pain of death I’m not allowed to show of her cutting loose and laughing and joking with me. However they can’t see the light of day. We have an image to maintain here!

Missy Poison - Preview

More to come soon!

In the mean time check out my FACEBOOK page. And have a poke around. Or even pop over to my website http://www.gordoncburns.com.

Here’s an interesting thing… have you noticed that at the end of almost all my online presences you’ll see gordoncburns. Try this out get your favourite social network and search gordoncburns. See where I’m at online.

Currently loving hanging around on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and GOOGLE PLUS. But i have other accoutns… except MySpace. Does anyone use MySpace?

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