Glastonbury Fashion Shoot – featuring Fire Sidhe

The move to Glastonbury has happened and almost 2 weeks in we’ve still got a few boxes around but the cats are happy and we now have a fridge and the internet. So it’s all going in the right direction. Anyway enough about me onto a photo shoot which we shot today… talk about fast turn around eh.

We where approached by a local fashion designer who runs Avalon Elf Coats who we met at Karen Kay’s Samhain Avalon Ball a few weeks ago, with an idea. She had made a unique commissioned coat for a client and wanted to capture some images of it before it shipped off to the lucky owner. In her mind she imagined a fiery model wearing the coat… maybe something with flames? Laura Daligan who performs under the name Fire Sidhe (pronounced “fire she”) fitted the bill perfectly ;-). Behind our new house the Somerset Levels reach out to the distant hills covering many miles and a fantastic nature reserve. So this large opened area was perfect for a fiery fashion shoot. Have a look at Avalon Elf Coats facebook page to see more of their awesome work.

So here’s a sample of what we came up with.

As a note to people wanting to work with fire. Get yourself a professional. Seriously. No not try this yourself. Especially when you have a client who is expecting results. When booking a fire performer who will be wearing hundreds of pounds worth of coat and posing on a public area (yes a field counts as a public area) make sure they are insured!

Anyway hope you enjoyed these images and normal service will return to the blog shortly. And as a totally unashamed plug if you live near Glastonbury and want a photo shoot drop me a line as I’m offering stupid discounts on location shoots as I get everything all set up out here.

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2 thoughts on “Glastonbury Fashion Shoot – featuring Fire Sidhe

  1. As the commissioner of the piece, I have to say – amazing work by all parties! I am so excited to see the coat when it turns up in person and these images only have added more inspiration to my future adventures! (Incidentally, I also spin fire – and fans are one of the props I use!)

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