Night time exposures.

Last night I took a little stroll into the fields behind my house. My goal was a tree down the far end. So with my gear packed I trekked out. One camera, 2 lenses, a tripod and a remote trigger. I could see the stars where hidden behind clouds (stars tend to become smudged streaks of light at exposures longer than 30 seconds) so I could shoot longer exposures than 30 seconds and for my camera to do that I need my remote trigger.

As I walked out the door the motion sensor light goes on, I freeze thinking some unknown person is shining a torch at me from the driveway… Silly Gordon! Onwards I march. The night air is so crisp I’m glad I remembered my thermal gloves. The grass crunches beneath my feet as I get to the field. I crossed the style into the next field I could see I had a shadow caused by the bright shining moon, which was full just a few days ago. Such a lovely night to head out. I didn’t need my torch at all. Fences, hedges and cow poop was all visible and easily navigable.


I’d brought a few toys along with me to create light about this tree. I had just soundproofed two lightsabers by taping up the speaker emitters as I didn’t want to create too much commotion for any wildlife. As t happens I felt like I was being watch from the nearby hedge. I’m sure a local fox or badger was having a good laugh at the weirdo running around a field at midnight with glowing green and blue lightsabers. Suppose it’s something to tell the cubs about. 🙂

Things got cold pretty quickly so I didn’t stay out too long. But here is a little sample edit made from a jpeg I eyefi’d to my iPhone. Edited in Snapsead with boarders made with a mixture of Camera+ and Pixlromatic.


In all honestly I’m pretty happy with 50% of the iPhone edits I’ve made recently. Though there are a few things I’m still looking for in an iPhone picture editing app.

Have you been shooting long exposures or night photography now that the nights are longer? Any thoughts or feelings about long exposure and please feel free to share your images by commenting down below.

Gordon C Burns


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