Product Photography – Beswick Birds

Product photography is something I’ve been doing for a while now. Everything from online sales through to antiques. Here’s some very cool little antique Beswick birds which I have photographed recently. I love these little critters, I kinda wanna put a bid in myself on them. I try to shoot as much of my product images inside a product cube. These are great tools for creating a fantastic white infinite space. They’re pretty portable also. I can actually set this up on a coffee table if needs be. Interestingly I originally picked the product cube up for assisting with large format art reproduction, but it’s just proved to be so versatile.

Seriously love these Beswick birds. My usual turn around for product photos is really quick (usually emailed back on the same day) however for these ones a further editing was requested to create the composites you see in the gallery. The reasoning for this is the client is hosting the collection on a service which limits the number of images per sale. So presented like this we can maximise the amount of visual information available.

Gordon C Burns

Product photography is just one of the photographic services I provide. Any questions just drop me a line


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