iPhone Sunday: Creative portraits with HDR apps

An iphoneography technique with a difference. And yes this should work with Android and Windows phones also.

Usually when people think of HDR images, people will cringe when using this technique as a tool for portraiture. And usually I would agree. So I just though of an interesting way to create double exposures using an iPhone HDR app. So as you see it’s not really HDR so please out down those pitchforks and burning torches.

My HDR app of choice is HDR pro. Because it has a short pause between taking the two images so you can recompose the camera for your double exposure. But also it has an ability to load two images from your camera roll and merge them into one image. (Shooting DSLR with a wifi card? That’s an idea isn’t?) The images where finished with Snapseed.



Give it a try yourself. It even works on pets.


No cats where harmed in the making of this blog… It doesn’t have to be limited to portraits. What about creative landscape images? I’m sure you can think of other ways to use this idea. I’d love to see what you did (links in the comments or say hi on FACEBOOK or TWITTER).

And before I go just want to return to the above comment about HDR and portraiture. If you want to shoot portraits with HDR or tone mapping then you go for it. Don’t let stupid rules and preconceptions of photography limit your creativity.

Gordon C Burns
Creative Portrait Photographer

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