News years Slideshow – Instagram

After seeing several people share interesting slideshows of their Instagram images via automatically generated slideshow apps I decided to join the ranks. However I didn’t like the slaideshows that where out there. And I didn’t like that they all had mahosive branding over them for the respective slideshow app and to top it all off I couldn’t find any good music build into and of these programs.

So I reached deep down and on this new years even with an hour to kill I opened up Adobe and got to work. I used‎ to download all my images from 01/01/2013 till 31/12/2013 into a neat little zip file.

I opened this up into the scratch bin of my video editor and simply placed it out on the time-line. I could have left it at that but the black borders bugged me as i’m a fill the frame kinda guy. So I made use of the image by making a simple border which displayed some basic information about what you where viewing and more importantly about how to find me on Instagram.

And here we have my 2013 Instagram video slideshow. Enjoy.

Gordon C Burns


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