The Mojo Slide – “Jesus Don’t Love Me” Production Stills

The importance of behind the scenes photography (or video)

People underestimate how important behind the scenes material is. People are constantly interacting online, especially with businesses and lets cut to the chase if you’re in a band that’s self managed, then you’re a businessman. It’s your responsibility to get the gigs, repair the instruments and manage your social network presences. Behind the scenes material is part of that online presence and it helps to create variety and interest in what you upload, giving more things to like and share by your fans which in tern gets your presence in-front of friends of your fans. Social networking 101. On top of all that it gives your fans that feeling they are a part of your journey, intimate photography showing that they are welcome.

Find out more about the band on their FACEBOOK and see them on YOUTUBE

Gordon C Burns

Freelance Photographer and Cinematographer



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