London Lingerie Shoot

I once again had the joy of working with the lovely Olive Cartley. This shoot was a portfolio shoot for her. The brief was to find a cool location and create a mixture of editorial and catalogue style images for her portfolio. With Olives clean yet alternative look I wanted to juxtapose her with grunge and textures. Luckily I was put onto a bar not too far form oxford street which was kind enough to let us use their venue.

In the space of 3 hours we made our way through 6 outfits and used a range of lighting styles. The finished images range form clean and crisp commercial looking images through to more creative images as seen below. Keep an eye out as i’ll be drip feeding a few more of the images through this blog. Remember to join the over 800 people that already recieve email updates by clicking the FOLLOW button below. Or simply put the URL into your favourite RSS or blog reader.

2014 © Gordon C Burns

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Gordon C Burns

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