Richmond Fashion Noir

Getting creative with corsets on the streets of London for an edgy fashion shoot. I do love these little creative collaborations and I love how the ideas evolve from strength to strength as we overcome the obstacles put in the way of a shoot with a minimum budget.

Originally we we’re going to shoot in a pool hall. We looked for ages for somewhere with a dark and moody feel and it just didn’t materialise within the budget. So we went out and about and found some great locations in Richmond. The following images are from my favourite spot. I love tunnels and underpasses. If you get on the right side of it you can get some great light falling on the subject with the added bonus of the background having a slow fall off of natural light. I helped things along a bit with a bit of off camera flash as the light was actually a bit too soft for the Film Noir look we had in mind.



I hope you feel we hit the mark with these images. The three models Akasha, Sian and Marc did a great job. And hats off to Marc as this was his first ever shoot. Well done.

Gordon C Burns


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