Aces Levesque : Gore Shoot Preview

Had an amazing shoot yesterday with up and coming alternative model Aces. You can see her instagram here.


I love shoots when we have a skilled MUA and a talented hair stylist on location with us, Ashleigh Green and Lauren Dixon filled those roles commendably.


This really was a fun and relaxed shoot, just the way I like it. However I must remember to throw an iPod stereo cable in my bag so that we can pump out some tunes at the next shoot (I always let the model pick out the music). iPhone speakers just don’t cut it in a large room

I need to mention a special thank you to the Gravesend Poppy Appeal team who where nice enough to let me set up my studio in their hall. It has plenty of space to shoot and a good sized bathroom for changing and make up, plus tea and coffee making facilities. I was lucky enough to barter a little deal where I take a few pictures for them in exchange for the use. So a win all around. So if you have your own kit and need space consider a bit of barter with your local charitable groups. See how you can help each-other out sometimes it can be photos and sometimes it can be a small donation to the cause.

So into the final image. It’ll be a few weeks before I post a proper set of the images taken today as there’s a couple of magazines who usually require exclusivity for publication that I’m approaching first. If you’re a magazine or work for one and need a photographer get in touch… My rates are really reasonable plus I have models, MUA’s and stylists a phone call away plus have locations to shoot from. What? Shameless self promotion! Yes. Bills need paying.

Now enjoy the picture….


Thank you all so much for your support and time over this last few months! The blog is now back and running with the odd post and will soon be regular again. Stay subscribed and all that good stuff.

Gordon C Burns

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