Published Images???


“Warning! The following is not an educated essay on the subject of publication… Merely a random collection of thoughts. Spattered down on the page in my typical dyslexic / autistic / ADHD ramblings of words. Those seeking intelligent, well written content may be disappointed and find simply traces of html flavoured nut.”

I always love seeing my images in print, however I feel like the word “published” is thrown around so much. Is it loosing it’s meaning?

In today’s digital world, by putting an image on your own website, blog or even your facebook page that image is then published, according to copyright law. And with countless digital “publications” hoovering up images and content with little to no control on content or quality it’s getting harder and hard to distinguish yourself as a published model or photographer. I have seen great photos of average models and likewise seen terrible photos of great models all claiming to be “published” images by “published” models.

As such I feel that “published” may need redefining at some point in the future amongst the model and photographer community. What does it mean to the quality or reliability of the images or the model that they are published? Published where? To how many readers, in how many countries. Maybe I’m being elitist or just old fashioned in thinking that a tear sheet actually needs to be torn out of a magazine… It’s needs that tattered edge down one side. And yes I have been tempted to print images from a PDF magazine and rip down the edge just to complete the look.

At the end of the day it’s down to the model/photographer/publication what happens with the images and where they go. And I guess that art is in the eye of the beholder and worth is in the eye of the finance person signing the pay checks.


This shoot was for Pretty in Petticoats magazine with models Becky Couzens and Poppy Backer. And I was very pleased to receive this printed magazine by air mail the other day from the states.



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