I got banned from FACEBOOK. Find out why?

So facebook banned me for a little bit after posting this image.


MUA Sarah Baker.
Photography by Clive Baker
Model Jamiya
Photoshop by myself (Gordon C Burns)

So I do get confused by the rules of Facebook. As a piece of art which contains nudity is allowed. Be It a classical piece or a beautiful work of digital art with a nude lady riding a lot on a dragon. Now the image above is digitally manipulated. She’s NOT really fully naked. As the original image she is wearing a thong but for artistic reasons we photoshopped it out to create the illusion of nudity?

Is it art? Or is it porn? Are you offended by it?


2 thoughts on “I got banned from FACEBOOK. Find out why?

  1. fb is really going down the pan. This is obviously art and should not have been banned. Images of cruelty and offensive groups and pages remain on the site whilst artistic works get banned all the time. Its about time they sort themselves out. I am a full time photographer myself and really have to think about what I am posting as cant afford to be banned for even a day. Stunning image by the way

  2. There is nothing offensive here and it is a lovely piece of art work – it is not porn!

    FB make up their own rules, they are a law unto themselves which is forever changing, why stay? I left FB and had a good following of people on my page, but their dictating was something that I did not want or need in my life…

    As the previous writer mentioned, they have groups/pages on violence, beheading, etc – the goal posts move too often. Don’t be dictated to.

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