Urbex – Dance Photography

Had a creative shoot with Musician (model, dancer and artist) My-kl and Alternative fashion model (and photographer) Kitty Grimm. I’ve been noticing this trend in the artistic community to have many strings in your bow.

We had 2 ideas we wanted to explore. First we wanted to juxtapose dancing figures in amongst ruins and industrial environments. Mixing together the soft graceful forms of dancers against the strong lines and harsh textures of modern urban decay.

Our second idea stems from the first. Realising our ideas would be best suited in the deserted abandoned buildings of Kent we set into action a plan to test out some powder photography. As finding a studio or space to shoot this sort of photography, which can become messy, is a difficult affair.

We hit up 4 locations in a day. Our first one we didn’t even make it to. A mile of busy private road filled with industrial traffic separated us from our location, maybe a weekend would have been better for this place. So we improvised our second location next to some disused equipment along the side of the road.

After moving on from there we aimed for a disused warehouse. The place was perfect for what we wanted. With large spacious open area’s, light debris over the floor and it all seemed pretty quiet. However not long into starting several groups of kids came along, with it being a school holiday and kids being kids. They didn’t interfere with our photography but the commotion led to the authorities being called and we where eventually asked to leave. But not before being allowed to finish up our first set of images. All in all they where really polite and nice about everything. We finished off a few off the dance moves and shot some solo poses over at the next location but I’ll add them here for sake of keeping the sets together. Incidentally did you see my Star Wars force lighting image? That was a lighting test at this location with Kitty’s friend Matt. Check out that blog post here.

Now onto our 4th location. Which was based in Canterbury and completed our journey bringing us full circle back to where we met My-kl in the first place. It appears that this place has been sat disused for some time. I have no idea why it’s sat unfinished for all these years, especially when space is at a premium. We then moved onto the powder photography. This was a lot of fun to shoot and prep. However one tub of talc was not enough for this sort of thing. I do like the images. But I feel that we could have got more dramatic shots if we had brought in bulk. Maybe half a dozen tubs of the stuff? Maybe next time.

The last image here is from the next morning. I had crashed over at My-kls that night so we returned to the location and gave a few more shots a try. This time with coloured gels on the lights. I love these. I think it’s the practical nature of getting such magical looking images without the need for Photoshop.

So all in all the urban exploring went well. And is definitely something I’d be looking to do again as a collaborative effort. I have a load of ideas and it seems daily I have models interested in working with me on creative ideas. So the only thing holding me back is time… which is infinite. So lets get shooting.

I have many more images form this shoot waiting to be edited. So please subscribe to this blog or follow my personal Twitter for announcements.

Also check out the models on Purple port. If you fancy signing up for Purple port either as a photographer, model, make up artist, hairdresser or fashion designer. Please mention that Gordon C Burns sent you and I’ll get my pro account extended for an extra month! You’ll be saving me £3 and every little helps!

My-kl has a portfolio HERE

And Kitty has a portfolio HERE

Thank you for reading. Remember all my images are available as fine art photographic prints. Just email me gordoncburns@email.com


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