Matt Tress – Fire Performer

Matt is one of those sickeningly talented people. By trade he’s a video producer. Making behind the scenes videos for several of my recent photo shoots. But he’s also skilled in fire performance, staff and fire breathing, along with various activities like parkour, check out this INSTAGRAM ( of Matt getting into his car.

Too keep things safe we shot all this is a large empty field just after some rain fall. Please play safe when you shoot with fire. DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU ARE NOT TRAINED!

london freelance photographer portraits photography

I love shooting fire! I’ve had a bit of practice at it over the last few years and these are some of my favourite images I’ve made in that time. Mostly I’ve shot people during a live performance, but with these images I got to direct and pose matt to a degree which made things easier.

Check out more of Matt’s video and photography work at

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