Fetish Queen – London Urbex Alternative Fashion Shoot

This idea came to me a while ago. The idea of a model standing tall in shiny latex. And crawling at her feet are her minions, who we ended up nick naming the fetish pixies. After a few ideas where bounced around I wanted to create outfits made out of tape or bondage straps.

As per usual with my crazy ideas I put out a casting call and had several models jump at the chance to collaborate which was very flattering. After talking to the girls I picked out the ones I felt would fit the role nicely. However due to unforeseen circumstances I lost both models and the MUA within a week of the photo shoot happening.


So after talking around Akasha Asylum from Portrait X stepped up and jumped into the role of the fetish queen. Bringing with her two wonderful model/dancers Angela and Jemiyah.

As we planned the locations we picked out 3 possible places to shoot. A main location and 2 backups. We wanted a location with urban decay and as you my have ready with my experience with My-kl and Kitty the other week, getting into and then shooting in abandoned or disused buildings is not an exact science.

Our first location an old theatre which had fallen into disrepair had been sat empty and untouched for 3 years. And as we scouted the location the morning of the shoot we noticed that builders had moved in making it out of bounds for our photographic needs.

Luckily our second choice, a disused hospital building was open and available to shoot in. And it couldn’t have been more perfect. Things really fell into place for this shoot.

Here’s the teaser video produced by Matt Tress of Shinzou Media.

The main image I was hoping for was a multiplicity shot with the fetish pixies cloned about with our queen standing tall above them. Which came out so well.

And now onto the images for you to enjoy. As per usual read below and I’ll give a bit of a tech talk.

And as a final treat for you here’s the behind the scenes video also produced by Matt.

Gordon C Burns


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Tech Talk

With abandon buildings again I fell upon my trusty strobes to cast some creative light on the subjects. For a light modifier I used my new 80inch umbrella loaded with a singular high powered flash. I do wish I had brought my bracket so I could mount 2 flashes in the brolly this would have given me a faster recycle time. When using such a huge brolly on location you need a good light stand and an assistant to hold it, just in case.

That’s pretty much it. I edited things with a bit of tonal contrast and detail extractor to add oomph to the grungy backgrounds and that’s pretty much it.


5 thoughts on “Fetish Queen – London Urbex Alternative Fashion Shoot

      • its my job also lol! I never get round to hiring because i am always being hired!! you have great work bro! I was keen on your editing having such a dark and edgy feel to it.

      • And Sometimes when im shooting i hate to be in the camera! but the best part is how much i can do with my own photos as you know clients are tricky in what they like ‘sepia’ ‘black and white’ ‘make me look beautiful and not fat’ .. anyway I love your photography and i will be checking you out more often!

        glad i met another photographer

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