Becky Page MUA

This was shot not the beach at Bognor Regis. We had a beautiful day and as we got to sunset we had a lovely set of clouds creating an even blanket over the sunset. If your observing the sunset that’s not so good for you. But if you want a soft beautiful even light with a golden tone, it’s perfect.

This was a portfolio shoot for Becky Page. She is a fully qualifies Make Up Artist, but is also building up her model portfolio. We kept things simple and commercial for this shoot. Aiming to create the simple fashion style images that you’d see printed on posters typical department stores.

Becky has a natural beauty and after a short wile became perfectly comfortable in front of the camera. She really shows a lot of promise as a commercial or fashion model. Add to the fact that she’s a skilled and (soon to be) qualified Make Up Artist she’ll be an asset to any photographic team.

I’m noticing a lot of models are focusing on having multiple skills. Following the trend in photographers who are also multi talented. In today’s world it does seem beneficial to have many strings to your bow.

It was a pleasure working with Becky and fingers crossed we can work together again.

Gordon C Burns


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