Avalon Elf Coats

I really enjoy it when Anna from Avalon Elf Coats get’s in touch for another catalogue shoot. Anna loves shooting outdoors, bright colours and clear sharp images. So for this one we shot in a woods in London and had a picnic with the faeries. What fun. Check out their facebook page as they have some cool clothes up there https://www.facebook.com/AvalonElfCoats

As per usual with Models we hunted high and low for a range of stunning models of different heights and sizes. I agree with Anna that a good set of images with models of a variety of sizes really shows how well the clothing works with all REAL people of real shapes and sizes.

Models for this shoot were: Mel HansonEva Believer, Haru HavocRuth Acorn Sprite, Silvia Lozza, Mingling Chen, Issy Love

Gordon C Burns

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