Facebook suspended.

So who am I?

My name is Gordon. I’m a photographer. I’m self employed and shoot images under my own name, with the word “photography” added to the end. As with most freelance photographers.

Yesterday Facebook demanded to see a copy of my government issued ID as they believe my 9 year old account is operating under a fake name. Now I have changed the name on it a few times. From the original Gordon Burns to a drastic change of Gordon C Burns and a final change of epic proportions to Gordon Charles Burns. This last one I changed a few months ago as facebook disagreed with my choice of using just an initial as my middle name claiming it was “fake”.

So my response to Facebooks message to me was as follows.


There is no issue. Appart from WITHOUT WARNING my Facebook account has been closed?

Has it been hacked?

I feel like I’m being Phished for information.

At the end of the day my name is Gordon Charles Burns as you can see on account as it has been since I first set up this account. This email address you are using which is linked with my account is under the name of Gordon Burns. My Twitter account which is linked with Facebook is Gordon C Burns. My linkedIn account is also Gordon C Burns. As is my Spotify which I’ve just had to cancel due to this issue you have caused me.

My photography page is Gordon C Burns – photography and the website associated with that is gordoncburns.com who the owner of that URL and domain is Gordon C Burns as visible

I feel mistreated in the situation.

Reactive my account. Then explain to me WHY you feel that my name is not mine. Then I will proof my identity if your evidence needs refuting.


I will be posting this on my blog page and website.


I really don’t like the way they have behaved.

I have no access to my professional photography page where I have clients waiting to talk to me. As stated in my reply to Facebook my Spotify account as had to be closed as I can’t access it. And they have not replied to any messages I have send aside from automated reminders.




4 thoughts on “Facebook suspended.

  1. Hey gordan it’s Trixie Belle, Laura told me you had this problem too! I have been locked out now 😦 can you tell me who you sent the message too? As I can ind nowhere to Send my grievances! Love ya! Xxxxx

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